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We have PUPPIES !!!


Faith currently has Standard little boys for sale and about ready to go to their forever homes.

 Pat's Abby just had a litter on January 1, 3 girls and 2 boys, they will be available for their new homes in March.

For more information on any of these 4 legged angels and information on making a deposit and pics......

Please Contact :

Pat Lord                435-313-0478          utahyorkiesangelpaws.com

Faith Grimando     435-773-2117          faithfulpups.com

                                                                     or        faithfulyoursyorkies.com



As well as the Standard Breed of Yorkshire Terriers, these Yorkshire Terriers also include, Parti Yorkies and Parti Carriers.


Parti Yorkies

The Parti gene can only be expressed if a parti gene carrier is bred to another Parti gene carrier. A carrier will look like a traditional colored Yorkie but is born with maybe some white on it's chin, chest and/or feet. In this case where a parti carrier is bred to another parti carrier, 25% of the offspring will be traditional Yorkies (not carrying the gene), 50% will be traditional colored Yorkies who do carry the recessive parti gene and 25% of the offspring will be actual Parti colored dogs. AKC has allowed Parti colored Yorkies to be eligible for registration since 2000.

The most prolific known line of Parti Yorkies is the "California line" or Nikko's line. These dogs are all descendants of an AKC Champion named Nikko's Rolls Royce Ashley. This line of Parti carriers and Parti colored Yorkies comes from a well known show breeder who's been breeding and showing for over 40 years. Forty-two litters and generations of dogs from this line were DNA'd prior to AKC's approval of registration.

The Yorkshire Terriers breed standards have changed over the years. The "Standard" color is blue and tan, any other color is considered to be "Off Standard." Until the new color disqualification rule went into effect, off standard colored, black and tan and black and gold yorkies have entered the show ring and won their champion status. Standards have changed and not only do we now have smaller sized dogs than in the late 1800's, but some of our "off standard," darker coated dogs have been allowed into the show ring.

Parti Yorkies ARE RARE, and they are hard to find. Parti colored Yorkies are healthy animals and they are not a genetic freak of nature as some people, groups or websites suggest. In this day of scam artists and people looking to make a fast buck, it is important to buy from reputable breeders who have their dogs DNA'd and/or their dogs are from known lines of Parti producing dogs. There are other Yorkie lines of Parti carriers and producers but the California line is the best known. So do your research, get references and have an open mind.


Coming Soon!

Utah Yorkies For Your Next Best Friend!


Add $500.00 to the price of puppies for Breeding rights.



Health Guarantee

All Puppies come pre-spoiled and with age appropriate shots. Also included is a  Puppy Pack, which includes food, blanket, a 1 yr genetic Health Guarantee, Vaccination Record and AKC papers. While we sometimes have tinies also known as Teacup Yorkies, we strive to breed to the AKC standard and puppies range in size between 4 & 8 lbs.



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Our Breeders...



Spice - Weight 4.5 lbs. Pedigree

Lucky - Weight 3.5 lbs  Pedigree


3.5 lbs




Keeper 3lbs 4oz.




Ginger  Pedigree


Emma Pedigree



Bella's Pedigree



(Call for Availability)





Health Guarantee



Utah Yorkies specializes specifically in breeding and selling Yorkie Puppies. 
We are NOT a puppy mill.  We breed according to the AKC Yorkshire Terrier
Guidelines, and we are very proud of all our sweet little puppies.  On average,
our puppies mature to be between 4-7 pounds, however, we do occasionally have
puppies that do not fit within these guidelines.  We DO NOT guarantee the adult
 size of our puppies because this is an impossible task.  Rather, we use past litters,
 their parents size, and their current puppy weight to carefully determine an
approximation of their adult size.  Other factors influence their size such as
exercise and food intake; and these factors are out of our control once the puppy is sold.
  The price of our featured puppies is determined by a number of different factors
 such as size, sex, coloring, and disposition.  We have both petite and medium
 sized Yorkies to fit all different needs, wants, and price ranges.
 Before leaving their mother, all of our puppies receive their necessary
immunizations, and are fully weaned.  Please take full advantage of the links
and valuable information I have provided on my web page.  We feel it is important
 to educate people before purchasing a puppy.  Please remember,.
 puppies are a lifelong commitment, and we must ensure that our
puppies go to homes where they will receive all the necessary
love and attention they need.



We are located in St. George, Utah. We are close to Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, Nv. We can arrange to deliver. We can also deliver to Southern Calif. on occasion. We can also fly, weather permitting to most major airports in the U.S.

We have shipped to Florida, New York, Michigan, Calif etc. Call for shipping details.

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